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Transformers Fandom Newsletter

The Cybertronian

Transformers Fandom Newsletter

Welcome to The Cybertronian. This is a weekly Transformers fandom newsletter covering everything from art to videos. If it involves the many continuities of Transformers from G1 to the Movieverse, we'll cover it. This is to gather everything or close to it in one spot.

This is a place to gather the fics, icons, art, graphics, and discussion into one easy to find place. We do reserve the right to link at our discretion, particularly for cross-posted content (We will link only one community + off-LJ fic archive of choice if known). We only link content that is public and falls in the timeset for each issue.

Membership is only open to the editors. Please watch the community to keep up with every issue

The editors will attempt to be editorially neutral on actual content, unless it is particularly striking.

Email the Editor in Chief (ravynstoneabbey) with news and interesting items relating to the TF fandom @ the.cybertronian@gmail.com. Check The SUBMISSION INFO page for templates and other information of interest.

Publishing Thrice Weekly.

Editors and Issues
Mondays: Art Editors wanted
Wednesday: Meta Editor: Icons, New Communities, News of Interest. Editor wanted
Friday: Fic
Editor in Chief: ravynstoneabbey
Watch Journal: cybertronwatch
If interested, PM ravynstoneabbey

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This community is modeled after ff_press.
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